Llanilltud Fawr – Llantwit Major

Wales: St David, Mr Morgan & Paul Robeson


An evening of story and song with award winning performer Richard Parry (baritone) director of the The New Library, Llantwit Major and pianist Will Savage-Taylor exploring Welsh identity, justice and community.

What did St David actually do? How did he become the Patron Saint of Wales.  Why was Mr Morgan, now forgotten, once so famous? How did Wales launch the amazing American singer and peace activist Paul Robeson on an international career campaigning for justice?

How can our difficult and contested histories and lives help us to live and and develop our communities and explore grounded, creative identities in modern Wales? Richard and Will bring this story to life for Wales today in songs and conversation. Come along with friends…

FRIDAY 29th SEPTEMBER 2023  –  7.30 pm  – St. Mary’s Church, HAVERFORDWEST – tickets


SATURDAY 10th JUNE 2023 – Llantwit Literature Festival, LLANTWIT MAJOR

WEDNESDAY 1st MARCH 2023 – Penarth Pier Pavilion, PENARTH

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