Llanilltud Fawr – Llantwit Major

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There was a Roman settlement here, with an iron age coastal fort nearby on the coast. The town has wonderful history, little streets, streams, ancient houses and is also the modern shopping centre for the local area. It’s a popular visitor destination and lovely place to relax and unwind.

Sea, community, study, celebration, society – the ancient church here at Llantwit Major played an important and distinctive role in the development of British Christianity. Walk today on the cliffs, fields or beach near the town – come closer to the Celtic world. The spectacular Celtic stones in the church’s museum connect visitors and enquirers today to the prayers and teaching of the early saints tradition. Llantwit is an ideal place for a retreat or holiday break.

The Beach & Wales Coast path

From the New Library door you can see the sea, and the beach is a mile away across the fields – there’s sand, dramatic rocks, pools, a lovely paddling river, caves, a beach cafe and views across to Devon – all part of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. Here the Wales Coast Path, the longest continuous coast path in the world, stretches over many miles of unspoilt, natural coastline and breath-taking scenery.

The Museum of Celtic Stones

The Museum of Celtic Stones is housed in the Galilee Chapel at St Illtud’s church. The internationally significant collection includes the Samson pillar, one of the oldest inscribed Christian monuments in Britain. The Houelt Cross is a most beautiful example of a ‘wheel cross’. It is a Welsh treasure.

Admission is free.


The early church establishment here welcomed visitors and made a connection between the spiritual traditions and prayer life of the church and the everyday life of the town and local community. We seek to do the same today. They gained a reputation as a major centre of learning. The Library seeks the same.

Natural beauty, gratitude for spirit, a long tradition of prayer and deep intellectual longing make the offer here at Llantwit something that moves and inspires our collaborative work.

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The project has begun conversations with some members of the Scottish-based Iona Community. The Abbey at Iona was re-founded in the 1930s by George Macleod on a remote island off the coast of Scotland and Llantwit Major shares a stunning location and a deep Celtic history. The Library seeks to bear witness to similar commitments of inclusive community and social justice as those found on Iona today, making these insights and connections available to our neighbouring industrial towns of Barry and Bridgend, and to all those who come to visit.

Barry, Wales’ largest town, is 7 miles away from Llantwit Major


The church connects visitors to the history of prayer, worship and community on the site. The medieval church standing today was built near the site of the original monastery and centre of learning.  Here you’ll get a warm welcome, see 13th-century wall paintings, and some of the most touching carved stonework in Wales. The church is a venue for community meetings, concerts and exhibitions and welcomes many, many visitors each year from all over the world. There is regular worship in the church with a popular, growing online presence and community.


The New Library opens formally in June 2021 and welcomes visitors. It is housed in the Old Gatehouse, one of the town’s oldest buildings. The Library is a symbol of a Christian tradition that is a free, energetic, creative, intellectually enquiring and robust adventure that engages with our whole personal and communal life.