Llanilltud Fawr – Llantwit Major



The New Library is a creative cultural initiative and mission to the UK. Based in Llantwit Major, Wales, it encourages everyone to visit and explore the historic region of Llantwit Major. Discover the remarkable spiritual heritage of the coast and town, and its offer today.

Britain’s first ever recorded centre of learning was established here 1500 years ago. The New Library continues that Celtic tradition of scholarship and community in this place.

The initiative engages with popular thought and the religious situation of our times. We’re opening resources and giving encouragement for the spiritual aspirations of everyday people and the many many churches that struggle to find a place in the culture of modern Britain.

The Library explores relational Christian traditions in ways that are community based, intelligent and vibrant, culturally alive and open to inter-faith dialogue. It is a joyful, fresh path in British faith culture presenting a public offer which is not a middle way, but a deeper way.

Here you’ll find a world-class intellectual and theological offer, the church’s existing Museum of Celtic Stones, a growing education and retreat programme, a publishing house, a cultural programme, a community of prayer and song in a beautiful place of worship, and Llantwit Major town’s attractive visitor offer with beach, coastal walks, charming streets, beautiful countryside, fascinating history and heritage.


Britain’s first recorded centre of learning was established in Llantwit Major. Discover more of the 5th-century initiative and its influence in this short clip from the celebrated BBC television series – ‘The Story of Wales’.

Enjoy the whole hour-long BBC episode and series here on BBC iPlayer:  BBC: “The Story of Wales”