Llanilltud Fawr – Llantwit Major

New Library Welcomes Literature Festival

The New Library welcomed and took part in the 2022 Llantwit Major Literature an Arts Festival this weekend.

The New Library is beginning a dialogue with people in the town of Llantwit Major as to how it can best serve the heritage and communities of the town, and help to welcome visitors to the region.

Visitors, locals and festival participants took the opportunity to climb the ancient medieval steps of Llantwit’s oldest building, the 13th century Old gatehouse, to discover the Library and cultural centre housed on the first floor. The town’s Literature and Arts festival, now in it’s second year, ran for two days with music, poetry, performance, exhibitions and readings. The New Library received each day a constant stream of visitors, academics, families, artists and neighbours searching out the hospitality of this hidden treasure in a quiet corner of the historic town.

The town’s arts and literature festival ran for three days and included a performance from the new Library’s Richard Parry.

The New Library’s Richard Parry contributed to the town’s festival programme by performing Tennyson’s great 19th century poem ‘Maud‘ in a one-man opera version at St Illtud’s church on the Saturday. The New Library was open to visitors all weekend.

Tennyson’s great poem ‘Maud‘ was the New Library’s offering to the festival exploring identity, love, landscape, economy and justice.

The New Library is a  cultural centre and an energetic cultural mission to the UK. Based in Llantwit Major, Wales, it encourages everyone to visit and explore the historic region of Llantwit Major to discover the remarkable spiritual heritage of the coast and town, and its offer today.

Britain’s first theological college was established in Llantwit Major over 1500 years ago and the New Library continues that Celtic tradition of scholarship, welcome and community.

Visitors to the New Library enjoying a cup of tea and a chance to explore the Library’s collections and reflect on the festival.