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Lecture series: The Kingdom of God – by John Rogerson

Five Lectures on the Kingdom of God by Revd Professor John Rogerson

John Rogerson was one of the world’s leading Old Testament scholars and gave these public lectures in 2014 to help British church culture better engage with the realm of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God (or the Kingdom of Heaven – both phrases mean the same thing) was at the centre of Jesus’ life, mission and death and yet church culture often struggles to articulate, and proclaim the Kingdom of God and the offer of the life it brings.

These five public lectures, by Anglican priest and leading international scholar John Rogerson, introduce general public and church alike to what’s so often missing in British church life today: news, celebration and recognition of the centrality of the Kingdom of God.

Lecture 1 explores how the theme of the Kingdom of God went missing in church life for hundreds of years, and sets out the Kingdom of God as a transformative relationship offered to all human life.

Lecture 2 looks at the kingship of God in the Old Testament and how this is very different from our ideas about ordinary human political leadership and power.

Lecture 3 introduces us to how the mission, preaching and death of Jesus brings about the Kingdom of God as a new offer for humanity.

Lecture 4 explores the Kingdom of God in the life, thought and ministry of the apostle Paul and gospel writer John.

Lecture 5 asks what the Kingdom of God means for the church today.

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The Kingdom of God lectures are collected and printed, with an introduction, in a book form here at Beauchief Abbey Press.

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John Rogerson died in 2018 and a collection of his books and papers make up the Kingdom of Heaven Collection at the New Library in Llantwit Major.